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Erica Tyndall

Color is my absolute favorite specialty, whether a subtle or dramatic transformation, I love the combination of chemistry and art behind it. Along with color, Im passionate about texture (upstyles, braiding, blow outs) and cutting. In addition to hairservices,I
offer manicures, pedicures, makeup, and head to toe waxing. I graduated from Paul Mitchell in 2016 as a Phase Two student. I also began my journey in the associate program at Elayne James in 2016, then graduated the associate programin 2017.I
am certified in beaded, tape in, micro fusion, hot keratin and shrinkable tube extensions through allied beauty educators. I attended Paul Mitchells Caper event, where I received hands on advanced education in color and styling. I love whatI do, beingable
to make someones day and build confidence as well as have fun in the process, its a dream come true! Follow my Instagram @_hairica

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